Dan and Amber used mustaches for their wedding theme. So basically, they’re awesome. They got married in a walnut grove and tromped with us through muddy cornfields searching for sick pics. We had a blast.

Thanks Dan and Amber! You guys are the best.

Backyard weddings are good ol’ fashioned times….especially when they start out with the most insane thunder storm ever. Fortunately the storm cleared up by the time of the ceremony and besides a couple of wet chairs, there were no damp spirits in sight.

In other news, Leah and Nick are the subjects of our new favorite night photo.

Lisa and Chris have their own vineyard! They got married in it. We all drank wine from the vineyard.

Great success!

Weddings in wine country are generally a good idea. In the case of Shannon and Chris, it was an amazing idea. Besides the fact that I almost fainted from the heat, the day was spectacular. Shannon and Chris are really great people. Emily and I are excited for them!