August, 2010 Archives

Hey everyone! Charles and Melanie are married! Their wedding was a lot of fun and had tons of awesome little details. I have known Charles for a long time and its great to see him married. I hope you all enjoy the photos. On another note, I’m busy booking for 2011 so if you are getting married or know someone that is, please, email me: Happy Friday!

This is one of my all time favorites.

Hey followers of my blog. You’re the best. I hope this latest post doesn’t disappoint. Joseph and Amanda’s wedding was a blast. I had the awesome opportunity to shoot the wedding with my wife and assistant, Emily. The ceremony was on the beach and the reception was at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula (the place Emily and I got married – weird). Joseph and Amanda were so fun to work with and they had a ton of fun people at their wedding. It was an all around good time. Anyway: Enjoy!


My awesome friends Nick and Amanda are engaged!! They’re pretty much the coolest people I know. Their engagement photos had to be nothing less than sick. Nick has this huge box of sunglasses that he has collected over the last couple years and we had the idea to use them for the shoot. These photos are just one small part of the shoot but I like them so much I had to share them. I’ll post the others soon.

Have you ever wondered what a sweet wedding looks like?