January, 2010 Archives

Hey everyone! Last week I had the privilege of doing engagement photos for 2 of the coolest and most legit people I know: Dan and Bean. It was rad hanging out with them and even though the clouds tried to steal our sunshine away, we didn’t let them rain on our parade. Neither Dan or Bean have seen these photos so……if one of you are reading this, I hope you like them!

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Yo Yo!!! It’s been awhile since I last posted some pictures. These photos are a few senior photos I did over Christmas break for my friend Mark. I hopefully will be posting some more photos in the next few days so…check back!Blog Resize-6592Blog Resize-6699Blog Resize-6917Blog Resize-6855Blog Resize-6532Blog Resize-6978Blog Resize-6913Blog Resize-6876Blog Resize-6650Blog Resize-6782