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What? 2011 is over already? Nuts.

First of all, we want to thank all of our amazing brides and grooms. You are all unbelievably awesome. We are so humbled that each of you trusted us to capture your special days. Thank you for all the amazing memories and killer parties. This past year was so fun and so rewarding. It’s crazy to think that Emily and I get to spend our time photographing and celebrating love/marriage with some of the coolest people around. Cray. Anyway, we felt like it was way too big of a job to pick out our “best” photos from 2011, so we decided to just post a few of our personal favorites.

Here’s to a great year and more sick pics!

Karissa and Jonas are a delight. Emily and I had the pleasure of walking around downtown LA (DTLA) with them for an afternoon. We’re super excited for their wedding in a couple months!

Wait for it……